Why Invest in Mexico?

‘Mexico is among the best places to invest abroad in order to obtain significant economic returns. The peninsula of Yucatan is in continuous residential and commercial development, supported by a government plan with the specific goal of making it a favorite destination of international tourism.

Despite the difficult global economic and financial, “The fundamentals investment grade remain solid” according to the agency financial research and qualifications of  risks, Moody’s.
Located in the heart of America, even though geographically belongs to North America, Mexico has 111 million inhabitants, is divided into 31 country and has been a Federal District, Mexico City, where is the capital.

Mexico has a wealth of resources ranging from oil to silver, copper, gold, zinc, natural Gas, lead and wood for construction, in addition to agricultural products such as corn, grain, soy, rice, beans, coffee, fruit, tomatoes, beef and poultry.
With regard to industry, the most exploited is the food and beverage, tobacco, chemicals, Iron and steel, oil, textile products, mining, Automobile and Tourism.
According to Pro Mexico, three are among the most important areas where it now seeks to increase foreign investment in Mexico: infrastructure, automotive and aerospace industry and renewable energy.

The Riviera Maya is a strip of coast from Cancun to Tulum washed by the Caribbean Sea. An earthly paradise characterized by a crystalline sea, white beaches, pristine forests and a summer climate all year round.
It ‘s an area that offers many benefits and opportunities than other areas of the Messico. The  tourist cities of the Riviera Maya are more: Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aveuras,  Tulum  and Akumal.
On the 13/03/2008 Tulum has became 9 th Muncipio of the state of Quintana Roo with 31.000 people.
Concurrently with the creation of the new City Hall, was drawn up PDDU ( urban development master plan) to determine the parameters of urban growth and environmental control for the next 20 age.
The Birth of City Hall has led the financing of major works, first of all, International Airport, necessary after the large influx of passengers at the airport in Cancun.
The Carretera Federal No. 307 that connects Cancun – Tulum was broadened to 4 lanes and Tulum was proclaimed the best tourist destination element with the best beaches in North America.


Mexico has 111 million. The state of Quintana Roo has 1.324.000 inhabitants,  Cancun in 1976 had 18.000 inhabitants–today it has 630.000 Playa and del Carmen in 1995 had 1.000 inhabitants – today 150.000 , Tulum has today 28.000 inhabitants – is expected to grow at least as Playa del Carmen.


1 – This area is’ deemed safe by economic  crisis because they are not granted bank loans without collateral;
2 – The part of Mexico called “Riviera Maya” is  ‘the preferred destination for tourism as well as Canadian and American and continues to grow as the European.
3 – The real estate market and ‘recent revaluation of investments is profitable;
4 – The tax and maintenance costs are low;
5 – The declared income in Mexico are not taxed in Italy thanks to the Convention between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of the United Mexican States for the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income and the prevention of fiscal evasion.
(Published in Official Gazette no. 301 of 27/12/1994 – Ordinary Supplement)
6 – Annual Employment of apartments and hotels is  75%: it means that buying a property is to create a source of income;
7 – Any foreign investment Fideicomiso using the formula (trust) Gains will be no tax on the sale of the property at the time.
8 – Buying a second home in Mexico is to have no costs to keep a house.
9 – The Riviera Maya has a wide range of services for tourists: Travel agencies, car rental, supermarkets, taxi, international banks, bureau de change, telephony and Internet, shopping centers, bar, restaurants, bus services, hospitals and cinemas.
10 – The Riviera Maya has a wide range of activities and excursions for tourists, one holiday is not ‘enough to discover a good reason to come back then: fishing, windsurfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, diving at sea and in the cenotes, golf, visits to archaeological sites, water parks, and relax in the many beaches and swimming in the endless sea of 7 colours.


it’s possible to purchase a property,  a Mexican society where the members can also be foreign or through the Trust.
The constitution of the company is recommended for those who wish to undertake an activity in the Country; with the option of trust instead, commonly used, the purchase is made through a bank, chosen by the buyer, which is held in trust good even if all the rights on the property (lease, bailment, own use etc.) purchaser remain.
The cost to form the Fideicomiso is of about 3.000usd and usd /una tantum and of 500/ year for the duration.
At this cost is added the fee for a notary deed and taxes, everything is around 5% on the value of.
It is recommended to support a local attorney for the supervision of all the documents you will sign.