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I’d would like to share my experience of working with Paola on our purchase of a beautiful condo in Puerto Aventuras.  First a short story of how my husband and myself came to the point of purchasing property in Mexico.  We have been a loyal visitor of Puerto Aventuras since 1992, at first we got roped into a time share but came to find it was the best thing we ever did as that is why we returned each year since then.  Each visit we dreamed of actually owning property instead of using our time share and or just renting as we have done the last several years, but this was just a fantasy.  On our recent visit as usual we were renting a condo in Puerto, but as we were on our last (3) days one of the beautiful condos came up for sale.  We hadn’t been looking to purchase but as we kept looking at it for several hours that day it became apparent we should at least take a look at it and that is when a friend said she knew a wonderful realtor who works the area and would call her to come meet us to look at the inside and at least discuss this condo.  So that afternoon we met Paola Guidi - GM Real Estate, she was happy to show us the condo and informed us it was just put on the market.  She was very knowledgeable about purchasing property as this is a bit worrisome since it is in another country and we are from the US.  But Paola took the time to tell us much about the process and helped us to realize we might actually be able to do this purchase without worry.

So we told her we had to look into financial possibilities before we could even consider this purchase.  So she gave me all her contact information.   The next day since we were staying very close to this condo we could see other people looking at it with realtors, this caused us to feel we had to make some very fast decisions because I had to know that since it went up for sale while we were there it must be meant to be for us. I was in the process of figuring out possible financial possibilities that we might be able to do for this purchase.  So knowing we may be beat out on purchasing this condo due to its beauty and location and seeing others look at it I immediately began calling/texting Paola but she was involved in other business that morning.  I finally felt it was worth just ringing her phone and messaging her non stop, which I didn’t want to be obnoxious but I could feel time was running out for us if I didn’t.  So I’ve got to say Paola was so good about me being a bit anxious and did answer as soon as she could and I explained I had figured out our financial situation and we could make the purchase but other people were looking at it and we didn’t want to lose the chance so what did we need to do.  Well Paola expressed to me it was not at all a problem and she was glad I bothered her so much as she could tell it was important.  So she left her other business putting it on hold just so she could come back and get our offer submitted that afternoon.  If she hadn’t done this we found later we would have been the 2nd offer and not even had much of a chance.  But due to her dedication and commitment to the client we ended up being the first offer put in for our dream home.

At this point I can say Paola has absolutely impressed us on how she will work non stop and communicate with her clients at any time of day or night.  She is very honest and willing to help with all aspects of purchasing as well as all the other things a foreigner has to deal with during the purchase.   She got us lined up with a wonderful Closing Agent Sekura, which they too are helping us all (seller and buyer) to get through this process properly, honestly and legally so there will not be any surprises or hidden problems as we move through the process.  Paola will be with us working it out through to the end and even after as a very good friend.  I can tell anyone looking into purchasing property around this area Paola understands all the aspects when purchasing property and keeps the client completely informed every step of the way.   Her listings are an example of her work ethic, hard work and knowledge. Anyone working with her should feel very fortunate as we do !!

Mark and Debi Sadar

Paola Guidi

GM Real Estate

Cell: +52 (984) 807 8263

Email: gmrealestates2@gmail.com